Another summer program in the books

Today was the last day of the 2017 Summer S³ experience.  It has been a great three weeks watching these students grow and learn together and become a STEM family.  They have made us proud with their hard work and we look forward to seeing what they will accomplish over the next four years.

Here is a link to their final presentations where they talk about some of their experiences.  Start at minute 29 for the best view.


Minute 29- Introductory Remarks by co-director Dr. Angelia Gibson

Minute 35 – The American Eagle Foundation presented by Daniel Cardwell, Emma Patterson, and Julia Warrick

Minute 46 – Computer programming  by Hannah Simmons and Justin Tanon

Minute 56 – Mountain Challenge by Colby Burke, Megan Pogue and Loren Vickers

Minute 1:09 – PGlo Lab by Liam Dougherty and Cordell Dryden

Minute 1:18 –  Mathematical Modeling of Island Biogeography by Felix Banks, Anevay Nichol and Cooper Read

Minute 1:28 – The Total Solar Eclipse by Eimhear Davis, Jose Antonio Galan Chongo, and Maylee Warren.


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