Meet the Peer mentor: Morgan Gast

Hey everyone! My name is Morgan Gast. I’m coming into my junior year at Maryville College as a math major with a religion minor. Although my passion for math runs deep, I actually started my career here as a Biochemistry major. I spent last year working under Dr. Angelia Gibson on a research project to genetically engineer an antibody that would bind to a protein called TLT-1, which is found on platelets. This project proved to be successful and it took us to the University of Puerto Rico to work alongside Dr. Valence Washington’s lab, who was spearheading the research project, for a week last December. Most days you can find me scratching my head in front of a white board in Sutton; but if I’m not there I am either planning/working events for the Student Programming Board, tutoring high school kids in math, singing in Lake Hills Presbyterian church choir, or training to run a random race with my friends.  S3 has made me the busiest woman alive. It has also presented me with the opportunities of a lifetime and I am so excited to watch this new group grow and experience some of the same opportunities. I learned what I really loved to do in this program and I can’t wait for this new class to do the same.


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Meet the Peer Mentor: Tyler Lee

Tyler at last year’s covenant ceremony. All new students participate in the ceremony before their first semester of classes start.

Hi! My name is Tyler Lee! I am currently a sophomore engineering major here at Maryville College. I am 19 years old and from a small town called Gallatin, Tennessee. I have a passion for computers and tech. My goal is to one day become a computer engineer, so that I can work with computers and other interesting technology while doing good on the greatest possible scale. I recently helped professor Robert Lowe build a high-altitude balloon and use a Raspberry Pi along with some other technology to collect and record data from the flight. It was an awesome experience I hope to do once again this upcoming year. Besides working with computers, you will find me either hanging out with friends, playing video games, or kicking around a soccer ball. I am very excited to meet all the new S3 participants, and I am looking forward to enjoying the program with them!

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