Take a chance

DSC_0343Life is about taking chances. Today the “Scots Science Scholars” took a chance at climbing Maryville College’s “Alpine Tower”. The 60 ft. tower has many ways up and only one way down. The scholars suited up early in the morning, took a quick lesson on climbing safety and proper belaying technique, then took turns taking on The Tower.

I had to overcome  my fear of heights. It was a challenge to push myself to go all the way to the top. Another scholar, Addi Bryson, said, “The Tower was really scary at first. It was harder than it looked but it was still a fun experience!”

DSC_0415The objective in climbing The Tower was to rescue Buzz Lightyear from the top then return him. We needed faith, teamwork, and determination. Faith was exemplified by having faith in your team to belay the climber properly. Teamwork came into play because every climber had to handle Buzz at some point. Determination was the biggest factor because the climbers all had to show determination to get to the top and stand tall.

DSC_0609All in all The Tower was a great experience and an amazing tradition at Maryville College. All the scholars had a great time working together and encouraging one another to keep climbing. The scholars are quickly evolving from a group of peers, roommates, and classmates, to a small college family.  The next time we are called to take a chance and show our determination to succeed, we’ll be ready


Submitted by Preston Murphy,  Scots Science Scholar, Maryville College Class of 2017

More photos athttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.221899527964016.1073741830.128483363972300&type=1&l=9753d16fc9

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