An Engineer’s look at Anderson Hall


Jamel Foster stands outside of Anderson Hall

Many people want to go to class in the finest of buildings and live in the most elaborate homes. Little do they know how much work is put in to build these buildings and the stories that can be told though them. On January 24, 2013 the Scots Science Scholars including myself went  on a tour of Anderson Hall. As we arrived at the construction trailer we were briefed of some of the safety hazards and the actual risks that people have to experience working on a construction site.


New joists shore up original construction

The group looks down on work begin down at the basement level.

The group looks down on work begin down at the basement level.

When I was with my dad as a child he had his own construction company and I was able to go on the sites and help him. I was taught every part of the jobs that we did and he trusted me at a young age to be responsible.  He wanted me to know how hard you have to work without a college education. When my dad started his company you did not have to have a college degree to own a construction company but now  people have begun to expect it. While my dad does not have his company any more,  I know with the skills I’ll get from a college degree and the experience and knowledge that I have acquired from my dad I can become as successful as he was. This trip to Anderson Hall was more than just another trip that I had to take it was an eye-opener to remember what has happened in my life. This trip cemented my desire to be an engineer.

IMG_6048Submitted by Jamel Foster, 2013 Scots Science Scholar

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