Save your energy

At MC, the faculty, staff and students are encouraged to find their passion and follow it.  That is how the Environmental Initiatives Office was conceived and it is now off and running.  The Daily Times wrote a great article explaining how this office began and what we hope to accomplish.


Andrew Godfrey , in the red shirt, is the first Scots Science Scholar to work with the Environmental Initiatives Office.

Andrew Godfrey, 2014 Scots Science Scholar has begun the huge task of analyzing the college’s energy usage over time.  He is looking for places in residence halls, academic and administration buildings and athletics where energy savings can be found so that MC can reduce its carbon footprint.

As we continue into the next stage of the work, we’ll be finding ways to test energy reduction strategies so that we can implement those with the biggest impact. This work is serving a dual purpose.  The S3 program includes the  opportunity for students to get involved in research early in their college career.  It is an especially positive experience when that research directly benefits our community, local and global.

Submitted by Maria Siopsis, Co-director, Scots Science Scholars.


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