Meet the mentor: Miranda

Miranda making rocket fuel l last summer

Miranda making rocket fuel l last summer

My name is Miranda Pendergrass and I am a rising sophomore at Maryville College. I finished my first year of college on a very successful note and even earned an academic award. I plan to continue this high standard of excellence that I have placed upon myself. After spending most of my life on a softball field, I’ve decided to retire my glove in order to focus on majoring in Biology. I have started putting my academic efforts into field work as I have started volunteering with the National Park Service in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I look forward to being a peer mentor for the upcoming S3 group, as I get to guide them through struggles and triumphs. I hope that I can relive some of the great experiences I had during my three week introduction into S3 and am especially looking forward to the rafting trip at the end!

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